March Madness: Stenography Fascinates Wisconsin Basketball Players

“Oh!  You typed a word!” Nigel Hayes excitedly proclaimed.  Most people are like Nigel Hayes.  They don’t know that court reporters work not only in court but in all types of interesting venues — sports arenas, television, the Academy Awards, just about anywhere the spoken word needs to be captured.  Many of the South Coast College graduates already work in these venues.  Many of them have reported celebrities. One of them reported a U.S. President’s State of the Union Address, and several have attended Hollywood events. Others travel extensively throughout the world as international reporters, and still others sit at home captioning the news or sports.  Did you know that court reporting was such an exciting field?  It is not only exciting.  It is something that you can do!

Check out Wisconsin basketball players get their first lesson in stenography:

Happy Sweet 16, Badgers!

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