Learning how to interview can be fun under the right conditions.  At South Coast College located in the City of Orange, having the Placement Coordinator for the Medical Assistant Program be someone who holds a Juris Doctorate in the law and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from USC Film School guarantees that preparing for a job is going to be exciting and fun!

Tom Sinsky, J.D., is one of the most creative, innovative instructors who loves helping place students in externshps and jobs.  He and Noe Huizar, another placement coordinator, enjoy the challenge of preparing students for the real world and finding creative ways to help them find the positions that they love.  Tom and Noe even often accompany interviewees on their initial interviews.  They have been known to be very creative in their job searches.

If you are interested in the medical field and want to take the Medical Assistant Program where you know that you have a team like this to help you in your job search, click the link at the top and GET INFO NOW!

Game Show No 1
Winners of the Game Show from left to right: Alisha Gallardo, Sue Song, and Gerardo Moreno







Game Show Tom
Tom Sinski,  J. D., Game Show Host
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