10 Days to Apply for Santa Cruz County Official Court Reporter Position

Just to remind our court reporting alumni of South Coast College in Orange, you have 10 days to apply for the Santa Cruz County Official Court Reporter position.  Santa Cruz is a great place to live and work.  Click here for more information.  Look for the court reporter position opening on that page.

Stephanie Fernandez, CSR, RPR, RMR — Realtime Course Testimonial

Thanks to Stephanie Fernandez, CSR, RPR, RPM, graduate of Cerritos College, for her testimonial about the South Coast College Realtime Workshop in Orange, CA.  Stephanie passed the RPR and the RMR while enrolled in the workshop.  As a result of her accomplishments, she has been hired as an Official Reporter in Kern County, CA.  Congratulations

High School Tribute: South Coast College and Canyon High School Success Story

South Coast College is proud to pay tribute to Canyon High School for its outstanding graduate, Andrea Rinker, CSR, RPR, CLR, CCRR, who is an alumna of South Coast College. Andrea Rinker, CSR, RPR, CLR, CCRR, received a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice.  Like many college and university graduates, she had difficulty finding a job.  She

Andrea Rinker from South Coast College Passes CCRR

Congratulations to Andrea Rinker, CSR, RPR, CLR, CCRR, graduate of the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, for passing the California Certificate in Realtime Reporting. The CCRR Examination consists of five minutes of dictation at 200 wpm at 96 percent accuracy. Candidates are required to convert their final skills test file to ASCII or

Andrea Rinker — University Graduates Find Rewarding Careers in Court Reporting

Andrea Rinker, CSR, RPR, CRR Andrea Rinker, CSR, RPR, CRR, is one of the many university graduates who decided after receiving a B.A. degree to find a career that would utilize what she had learned.  She enrolled at South Coast College in the Court Reporting Program and has found a career that allows her to

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