The reality of the job marketfor Court Reporters

The Reality Of The Job Market For Court Reporters 

In a recent December 2022 article on Follow Our Courts, an online news source, Reporter Aiden McGloin, shares the updated Court Reporters reprioritization for eviction cases in San Bernardino Courts. An eye-opening fact that Aidan shares in this article is the current statistics on the Court Reporters that have filled Court Reporter positions and the vacancies for San Bernardino and Riverside Superior Courts. This profession is extremely important to our judicial system. Court Reporting offers financial stability while doing interesting work that you enjoy. There are so many opportunities to work in more areas than just in courts. While the demand is high in many different areas of employment for the Certified Shorthand Reporter, this is a profession that should be shared with our high school students as well as those students in college who need pathways to careers upon graduation. This profession gives them more options in exciting fields that truly offer the compensations promised and the jobs that are actually available to those entering the workforce. 

Court reporters reprioritized for eviction cases in San Bernardino by Aiden McGloin: 

“San Bernardino Superior Court employs 73 court reporters and has 29 vacancies, making a 28% vacancy rate, according to Julie Van Hook, court public information officer. The shortage is nationwide. Riverside Superior Court has 71.5 filled court reporter positions and 14 vacancies, making a 16% vacancy rate, according to Marita Ford, Riverside Superior Court public information officer. A Jan. 25 report for the California Trial Court Consortium said that courts across the state, on average, have 19% vacancy rates for their court reporter positions.” 

More on Follow Our Courts for great reads. Follow Our Courts is a publication about the legal industry in the Inland Empire. This professional, objective news is free to you.

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