Our Court Reporting Candidates Top the List

South Coast College in Orange once again, according to the Fall Newsletter published by the Court Reporters Board, produced 20 percent of all the licensed Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSRs) in the state (19).  The highlighted names are the graduates of South Coast College.  Additionally, the three in red are candidates who came to South Coast

CART Workshop at South Coast College Resounding Success

The Steno-interpreting/CART Workshop at South Coast College in Orange, CA, that ended on Friday, February 12, 2016, was a resounding success.  Attendees included a federal court reporter, four CSRs, two current CART providers, and a number of students who were at least in qualifying or ready to take the State CSR.  Thanks to Melissa Sosa,

Mentors Important to New Court and Deposition Reporters

South Coast College students who have taken the November 2013 Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination are awaiting their results.  Many are using this time to continue their apprenticeship by sitting out with experienced reporters in both court and deposition settings.   Kayla Lotstein is one of those students who is excited about the experiences that

Family Affair — Twins, Kamryn Valadez Villegas, CSR, and Whitney Valadez Kumar, CSR

As is often the case at South Coast College, one family enrolls and then shortly after, another family member.  Such was the case with Whitney Valadez and her twin sister, Kamryn. Kamryn  Valadez Villegas, CSR, and Whitney Valadez Kumar, CSR Today, they are both  Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSRs) who continue to confuse attorneys and judges

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