South Coast College Graduates Fill Court Reporting Vacancies Nationwide

South Coast College located in Orange, CA,  is helping to fill some of the vacancies that are being created nationwide as many court reporters reach retirement age.  In the Orange County area, two graduates recently were hired — one in Orange County and one in Riverside County.  Another was hired for an officialship in North

Technology Used in Deposition Reporting

Many people do not realize the advancements in technology that are making the court/deposition/captioning fields streamlined and state-of-the-art. Just as many facets of life have gone on-line, so has many facets of the reporting field.  Stephanie Leslie, CSR, graduate of the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, and co-owner of Regal Court Reporters explained:

Family Affair — Stephanie Biard Leslie, CSR, and Sister-in-Law, Susan Biard

Congratulations to Susan Biard, a student in the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, for qualifying to go to the March 2014 Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination.  Susan is the sister-in-law of Stephanie Biard Leslie, CSR, graduate of South Coast College and co-owner of Regal Court Reporters.   Stephanie has been a great role

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