Accommodating Facilities

In a traditional way, South Coast College continues to be a campus where students and staff interact in person. You can find the resources you’ll need to develop a successful career right on campus. Your experience is hands-on with the support from a network of professors and peers who will help motivate and guide you. The personal interactions within South Coast College help to shape the type of education you will receive.

South Coast College offers its students the ability to make the training work. Education is not merely a personal goal. Working within the classroom structure creates long lasting relationships with peers and allows students to develop professional skills and adapt them to the workplace. The students at South Coast College will learn, train, achieve, and grow together, which is truly an invaluable experience.

The South Coast College Campus Includes:

  • Mock Courtroom at South Coast College
    Mock Courtroom
  • Transcript Production Center at South Coast College
    Transcript Production Center
  • Law Library at South Coast College
    Law Library
  • Computer Production Resource Center at South Coast College
    Computer Production Resource Centers

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You are invited to tour our campus in person. We would love to introduce you to our staff and students and show you why we are so proud of South Coast College. Contact us today to request more information.

Services for Individuals with Disabilities

You will note that individuals with disabilities have reserved parking spaces and all administrative, educational, and restroom facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Safety and Security Measures

Kevin Magner, Director of Operations, is the Safety & Security Manager, on campus who is the person who monitors that students have a safe environment in which to study.

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