Five Reasons Why Medical Assisting Program Has A High Placement Rate

Reason No. 1

Placement of a medical assistant student begins with the enrollment interview.  South Coast College is fortunate enough to be able to limit the size of its medical assistant program to enable students to have personalized attention.  For this reason, South Coast College is able to look for the ideal medical assistant candidate.  The ideal candidates for the medical assisting program are dedicated individuals who are serious about an entry-level medical assisting career and understand how important it is to develop good work habits that will carry over into their professional life.  If you are serious about starting a new career that has growth potential in the medical area, be sure to click Get Info Now to learn how you can become a medical assistant at South Coast College.

Reason No. 2

From the video that Claudia Gasparico, M.A., one of the South Coast College Medical Assistant graduates created, it is clear that having a small class size is a major contributor to the success of the South Coast College Medical Assistant graduates.  The small class size give students the ability to obtain one-on-one instruction in both the academic and laboratory settings.

Alexandra Espinoza, RMA, who had previously graduated from Cal State University, Long Beach, with a degree in Health Science, said that she was pleasantly surprised at the level of personal attention available at South Coast College after coming from a program with an average class size of 100 students. Alexandra now is employed at the Center for Inherited Blood Disorders in Orange, CA.  She attributes obtaining this great opportunity because of the skills she learned at South Coast College.  If you already possess a degree in Health Science but do not have the practical, hands-on experience that you need to get a good medical position, click Get Info Now to find out how South Coast College can help you achieve the necessary practical skills.

A small class size benefits the student in the academic classes where it is easy to ask questions and interact with the instructor.  It is especially important in the laboratory setting where students are given an opportunity to practice more iterations of their skills because of the class size.  Externship sites have remarked about how well prepared South Coast College externs are in the clinical aspect of their training.

South Coast College last year had a 92 percent retention rate in large part attributable to the small class size.

Reason No. 3

From the video, it is also important that students are learning and perfecting their social skills as well. Many of our graduates are hired by their externship sites because they work well with people, an important aspect in obtaining a job and working well with co-workers and patients.

Reason No. 4

Students get to know their placement coordinator on day one.  He works with them throughout their training and learns their strengths and weaknesses.  When assigning an externship, he has a great insight into where they might be successful.

Reason No. 5

The exernship coordinator is willing to go the extra mile to help place students in jobs near their homes.  South Coast College attracts students in the medical assistant program from far distances.  The externship coordinator is willing to go out to locations near their homes in order to find the right fit for them.

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