Congratulations to South Coast College CSRs 2012-2013-2014

Congratulations to the 65 South Coast College graduates who passed the CSR in 2012 , 2013, and 2014

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    • 2012
    • Tatiana Alvarado, CSR
    • Kristina Berg, CSR
    • Audrey Blockhuys, CSR
    • Kelly Chapman, CSR
    • Alyssa Cross, CSR
    • Jennifer Degenhart, CSR
    • Kylie Evans, CSR
    • Jordan Flores, CSR
    • Whitney Saiz-Hardwick, CSR
    • Candice Heslington, CSR
    • Jessica Hong, CSR
    • Melanie Jacobs, CSR
    • Jasmine Jamili, CSR
    • Claire Kelly, CSR
    • January McKeen, CSR
    • Suzanne Onuki, CSR
    • Zaneta Pak, CSR
    • April Panameno, CSR
    • Stephanie Poster, CSR
    • Erika Rutledge, CSR
    • Jose Sanchez, CSR
    • Rosheen Sheehy, CSR
    • Melissa Sosa, CSR
    • Jennifer Tat, CSR
    • 2013
    • Justus Balentine, CSR
    • Juvilynn Benasfre, CSR
    • Laura Callihan, CSR
    • Kim Chow, CSR
    • Tami Evans, CSR
    • Jaclyn Hawkinson, CSR
    • Alicia Lindsey, CSR
    • Kayla Lotstein, CSR
    • Juliann McCance, CSR
    • Suzana Mihic, CSR
    • Angella Na, CSR
    • Jamie Onuki, CSR
    • Alicia Pabich, CSR
    • Danielle Pelke, CSR
    • Michelle Perez, CSR
    • Kimberly Peterson, CSR
    • Michelle Ramirez, CSR
    • Ivy Reid, CSR
    • Shannon Riddell, CSR
    • Lisa Schuster, CSR
    • Mikayla Speegle, CSR
    • 2014
    • Susan Biard, CSR
    • Callie Black, CSR
    • Lisa Cachola, CSR
    • Kristina Denapoli, CSR
    • Dulcemaria Duarte, CSR
    • Natalie Fagan, CSR
    • Sudny Gallardo, CSR
    • Kristi Longnecker, CSR
    • Pati Luisi, CSR
    • Kate McAvoy, CSR
    • Lisa Meinhardt, CSR
    • Hillary Meyer, CSR
    • Rubi Michaca, CSR
    • Alana Miller, CSR
    • Lourdes Perez, CSR
    • Kristiaan Ruiz, CSR
    • Brittany Silva, CSR
    • Neal Tanoue, CSR
    • Leah Tommela, CSR
    • Danielle Webber, CSR

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