Technology Used in Deposition Reporting

Stephanie Leslie
Stephanie Leslie
Many people do not realize the advancements in technology that are making the court/deposition/captioning fields streamlined and state-of-the-art. Just as many facets of life have gone on-line, so has many facets of the reporting field.  Stephanie Leslie, CSR, graduate of the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, and co-owner of Regal Court Reporters explained:

“We helped an attorney in Ohio take a deposition in Orange, CA without having to fly/travel to take it. Our remote streaming web service, LiveDeposition, allows attorneys and law firms to take remote depositions conveniently from a laptop or tablet and at a fraction of the cost of a normal video-conference.”

No longer is business limited to one geographic location.  Agencies, such as Regal Court Reporters, have suddenly become able to service attorneys throughout the nation and world-wide.

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