Gina Gibson, Paralegal Graduate, Recommends South Coast College

Thank you, Gina Gibson, for your thoughtful recommendation of the Paralegal Program at South Coast College.  It is great to hear from our successful graduates.  We are very proud of you!

Gina Gibson, Paralegal
Gina Gibson, Paralegal

Gina remarked that if you are looking for a lifetime career, “South Coast College has a challenging curriculum, educated professors and a staff that goes the extra mile. Everyone at the school is about making your life be the best it can be — in the most professional way.” She emphatically states that there are no free rides here.  “You must listen carefully, study hard, and take advantage of staff support,  This school wants winners! I am proud to be one of those winners.   Thank you, South Coast College!”

Gina Gibson is a South Coast College Notable Graduate on LinkedIn.

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