South Coast College Entrepreneurial Alumni

South Coast College, a little niche college in Orange, CA, surprisingly produces an amazing number of entrepreneurs primarily because of the programs that it offers (court reporting, paralegal, and medical assistant), and the assistance it gives to students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  What is more amazing is that these alumni return to share their Read More

Growing the California Economy

Restoring Funding to The California Court System Will Grow the California Economy Thanks to Isaiah Leslie, a proponent of court reporting, for his excellent article on the impact that funding the California Court System The definition of taking something for granted is to value it too lightly or expect it to always be available.  A Read More

Technology Used in Deposition Reporting

Many people do not realize the advancements in technology that are making the court/deposition/captioning fields streamlined and state-of-the-art. Just as many facets of life have gone on-line, so has many facets of the reporting field.  Stephanie Leslie, CSR, graduate of the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, and co-owner of Regal Court Reporters explained: Read More

Isaiah Leslie — Informing Students at Cal State Fullerton about Career Option of Court Reporting

ISAIAH LESLIE PARTICIPATED IN A JOB OPTIONS PANEL AT CAL STATE FULLERTON EXPLORING THE OPTION OF COURT REPORTING — South Coast College has a growing number of students who hold degrees from various colleges and universities. Isaiah Leslie, Co-Founder of Regal Court Reporters and one of the most astute pro-active participants in the court reporting Read More