Roosevelt High School Plays Host

COURT REPORTING AGENCIES AND COURT REPORTING ORGANIZATIONS ARE PROMOTING COURT REPORTING AND LEGAL CAREERS BECAUSE OF THE IMPENDING SHORTAGE OF COURT REPORTERS. THANKS TO OUR ALUMNA, PAT HAHN of Hahn and Bowersock Reporting agency, for arranging for South Coast College to participate in a presentation for students interested in the legal profession.  Thanks also to the participants, Jeff Koller, Esq. from Hahn and Bowersock Reporters; Daniela Higuera, South Coast College Court Reporting student; and Noe Huizar, Placement Coordinator from South Coast College, for taking their time to participate in this event.

Roosevelt High School Group Rotated
Noe Huizar, Placement Coordinator, South Coast College; Jeff Koller, J.D., Hahn and Bowersock; and Daniela Higuera, Court Reporting Student, South Coast College
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