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SOUTH COAST COLLEGE MEDICAL ASSISTANTS are striving for excellence.  The following list of medical assistants have obtained the designation of Registered Medical Assistant (RMA).  The list that is growing day by day consists of the following:

Joselyn Alvarez, RMA
Alisa Calderon, RMA
Emily Bagley, RMA
Diane Bogle, RMA
Sheryl Bookman, RMA
David Chow, RMA
Alexandra Gonzalez Espinoza, RMA
Alyssa French, RMA
Frances Martel, RMA
Irene Noiboonsook, RMA
Johana Madrigal Pioquinto, RMA
Yeraldine Cantu Pioquinto, RMA
Stacy Vivas, RMA

Congratulations to the following most recent candidates who passed the RMA Examination:

Joselyn Alvarez, RMA;  Alisa Calderon, RMA;  Johana Madrigal Pioquinto, RMA; Yeraldine Cantu Pioquinto

THANKS to Dr. Tehmina Khan, Director of the Medical Assistant Program, for being a great role model for the South Coast College Medical Assistants.  Dr. Khan encourages Medical Assistant students to strive for excellence by taking the American Medical Technologists Examination to become Registered Medical Assistants.

At the South Coast College Commencement Exercises at Bowers Museum, Medical Assistant graduates were recognized for passing this examination:  Passing this examination is not required for obtaining work as a Medical Assistant in this state.  However, it does show potential employers that the graduate has achieved a high level of competency in the field.

Alyssa French, RMA with Director of Medical Programs, Dr. Tehmina Khan
Alyssa French, RMA with Director of Medical Programs, Dr. Tehmina Khan





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