Court Reporters Attend 10-Week Realtime Seminar at South Coast College

Thanks to Rich Alossi, CSR, RPR, CCRR, Vice President of the Deposition Reporters Association (DRA) for taking time to come to the South Coast College Realtime Workshop to explain the guidelines for taking the CCRR Examination and to give specific tips for taking the examination.  The court reporters who are attending the workshop are preparing to take the examination at the Deposition Reporters Association (DRA).

  • Rich Alossi, CSR, RPR, CCRR
    Rich Alossi, CSR, RPR, CCRR
  • Cassandra Caldarella, CSR
    Cassandra Caldarella, CSR

The workshop is designed for working reporters who wish to hone their realtime writing skills.  The idea for the workshop came from Cassandra Caldarella, CSR, one of the alumni of South Coast College who is a working court reporter.

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