Mentors Important to New Court and Deposition Reporters

Kayla Lotstein
Kayla Lotstein
South Coast College students who have taken the November 2013 Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination are awaiting their results.  Many are using this time to continue their apprenticeship by sitting out with experienced reporters in both court and deposition settings.  

Kayla Lotstein is one of those students who is excited about the experiences that she has had in the past several weeks.  Kayla has sat out with her mentor, Diane Hoffman, CSR, who has over 30 years of experience in the deposition field.  

Diane’s agency relies heavily on her for medical and other challenging types of litigation.  Recently, Kayla has been enjoying learning about asbestos.  Kayla said, “It is nice to have a mentor with so much experience because I get to see how comfortable my mentor is in the different types of settings and how comfortable she is with the procedures that have to be done, depending on the type of deposition.

We are fortunate at the  community in general of court.deposition reporters are so willing to help new reporters.”

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