Interested in Video Gaming? What About Court Reporting?

Co-founder of hitBox, Dustin Huffer, CSR, was interested in video gaming when he enrolled in the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College.  Dustin applied the skills that he acquired in playing video games to developing the skill of court reporting.  Dustin went on to complete the Court Reporting Program in record time and pass the Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination.  After passing the examination, he worked as a deposition reporter for a while.  Then, he was hired at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) as a captioner (CART reporter) for the hearing-impaired.  He enjoyed this experience because he could attend classes and study new subjects without actually being enrolled as a student.

  • Dustin Huffer, CSRCo-founder of hitBox
    Dustin Huffer, CSRCo-founder of hitBox
  • hitBox
    Being a creative person, Dustin continued to apply his skills and knowledge to the gaming industry.  He co-founded the hitBox and is today a successful entrepreneur.
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