Collab Seminar for Court Reporter Entrepreneurs: Hosted by South Coast College, SBDC, & Cal State

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Here is an example of a great collaborative effort on the part of the SBDC, Cal State Fullerton, and South Coast College. California passed legislation (AB 5) that impacted a large population of our deposition reporter alumni who are independent contractors. Students and alumni had concerns about what to do because of this current legislation.  Read More

How the Medical Assistant Program Changed My Life

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    By Jorge Guzman, Placement Coordinator Completing high school and entering the real world, what to do?   Everyone has an important decision as to what the next step should be. College? Military? Career school? Manual labor job?  You can either act on making a decision or not.  If you make the wrong choice, you Read More

The Importance of Time in the Legal Field

By Christine Mantyla, Paralegal On time in the legal field means that you are ready to work at the exact minute your work hours begin.  Being on time usually means that you already have set up your computer, had your morning coffee, and have done anything else you need to do to be ready to Read More

Safety and Security in the Legal Workplace

Imagine an average day in a law firm where the environment is fast-paced with paralegals trying to meet crucial deadlines and court reporters rushing into a conference room to set up their equipment for a deposition.  Everyone is focused on the immediate tasks.  Then, suddenly, shots ring out.  Screams are heard, and shock momentarily paralyzes Read More

Is a Paralegal Career Right for You?

By Professor William Dixon First and foremost, a paralegal is a trained professional.  The work is interesting, varied, and important.  People’s lives and property may depend upon the work done by a paralegal.  You will have opportunity to help people through some of the most difficult periods of their lives, such as divorce and child Read More

Why Study Criminal Law and Procedure

By Professor William Dixon Criminal law impacts everyone every day.  What if someone I love is accused of a crime?  What does that mean, and what should I do?  Obviously, a crime involves a “criminal act.”  Does it matter what the actors state of mind was at the time that he or she committed the Read More

Basics of Bankruptcy Law

By Professor William Dixon Everyone should know the basics of bankruptcy law.  The bankruptcy system in the United States is designed to provide relief from crushing debt while at the same time providing an orderly and prioritized system for distribution of available assets to creditors.  In the case of personal bankruptcy, the system offers debt Read More

South Coast College Graduation Captioned by Quick Caption

Thanks to the kind generosity of Antha Ward, President of Quick Caption, Inc., and Melissa Sosa,  CSR, Director of Realtime Captioning and CART Services for Quick Caption, Inc., South Coast College is excited to announce that for the first time EVER, our Graduation ceremony with be live-captioned so that our deaf and hard-of-hearing loved ones Read More

10 Days to Apply for Santa Cruz County Official Court Reporter Position

Just to remind our court reporting alumni of South Coast College in Orange, you have 10 days to apply for the Santa Cruz County Official Court Reporter position.  Santa Cruz is a great place to live and work.  Click here for more information.  Look for the court reporter position opening on that page.

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