How to Prepare Your Skillset for the Future of Work


As the future of work gets closer with each passing day, it’s only natural to wonder where that future is headed and if your skills will fit into that future. Employees who hold traditional jobs, in particular, may be wondering if their jobs will even exist in the future of work. The unfortunate answer is Read More

Warning Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

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By Nicole Kuklok-Waldman Your Heart Isn’t In It If you feel stuck in a position or an unfulfilling career you’ve probably lost the passion for your profession. Maybe you’ve been doing the same tasks for 20 years and you’ve outgrown the job. Or you’re no longer inspired or challenged by your responsibilities. According to a Read More

What COVID-19 Taught Us About Online Learning

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By Artur Meyster, Founder of Career Karma South Coast College firmly withstood its ground not to offer any online courses because of the belief that on-campus courses were more effective.  However, in March 2020, everything changed.  In one-week, South Coast College had to replicate its offerings online and thanks to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint was able to Read More

CoverCrow simplifies job-matching for court reporters and agencies

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CoverCrow, Inc., a SoCal software startup, has launched a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to simplify job-matching for court reporters and court reporting agencies. The site,, is the first customized job platform for stenographers to offer on-demand job fulfillment, real-time data, and automated job-matching tools. And it’s free for professionals who sign up for the service. Read More

A Fresh Look at Accreditation

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The virtual world has afforded opportunities to share perspectives of leaders in various professions that at best would not so readily be possible in the pre-COVID days.  The faculty and staff at South Coast College were honored to be able to spend two hours with Michale McComis, the highly regarded Executive Director of the Accrediting Read More

Ana Fatima Costa is Helping Court Reporters Find Their Voice

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To interrupt or not to interrupt as a Court Reporter? Ana Fatima Costa, Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Bar Association of San Francisco’s (BASF) Paralegal Section, with a 35-year career in the Court Reporting field, helps answer this often frustrating and controversial question for a situation many Court Reporters come across in their Read More

South Coast College is top
2020 Medical Assistant School in Orange

Best Medical School_Blog

We are proud to share that South Coast College is one of 2 top Medical Assistant Schools in Orange California.  Medical Assistant Advice is a team of educators and medical assistants who not only bring their decades of experience but also “work tirelessly to provide the most up-to-date information on various aspects of a medical Read More

COVID – Finally Bringing the Legal Profession into
the 21st Century

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Karina and Devon Sousa whose parents were the founders of Sousa Court Reporters in 1984 surprised and delighted the audience at the Legal Networking Forum with their outstanding presentation of what it is like as trial presentation specialists in a courtroom using the latest technology. Karina Sousa graduated from Santa Clara University with a major Read More

Winner of the Why I Love Court Reporting Contest

Cassandra Caldarella, CSR, Alumna of South Coast College, is an exceptional court reporter and a prolific writer about why she loves court reporting.  Her articles have appeared in the JOURNAL OF COURT REPORTING and in LIFE HACKER.  She even has a Facebook Page called “Why I Love Court Reporting” devoted to the positive aspects of Read More

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