Eavesdrop on Dramatic Court Cases

Have you always wanted to be a fly on the wall in a dramatic court case? As a court reporter in court like the court reporters and the recent hires from the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College, you get to know every detail as the case unfolds in front of your eyes. Official Read More

An Interview with a Top Paralegal

South Coast College President, Jean Gonzalez, interviewed Christine Mantyla, graduate of the Paralegal Program at South Coast College, following an interview with Mark Peacock of the Law Offices of Mark Peacock who said that Christine transformed his law office. Jean Gonzalez:  What made you decide to become a paralegal? Christine Mantyla:  Actually, a very sad Read More

How Paralegals Transform Your Law Office

  Attorney Mark Peacock, Owner of the Law Offices of Mark Peacock, in this interview tells Jean Gonzalez, President of South Coast College, how important a paralegal is to a law office.  He goes on to say that Christine Mantyla, Paralegal, graduate of South Coast College, transformed his law office and that South Coast College Read More

Paralegal — Great Program for Future Entrepreneurs

Paralegal is a great program of study for anyone who is interested in learning a practical application of the law.  It is a great springboard into a career for individuals who have degrees in areas that are not marketable.  Several of the South Coast College alumni have found ways to use their paralegal acumen in Read More

Testimonial from Alice Quinonez, Paralegal

Thank you, Alice Quinonez, for your wonderful testimonial regarding the Paralegal Studies Program at South Coast College.  Alice writes, “Teachers are well informed in legal procedures.  All take time to teach.  Awesome program — variety of legal aspects to learn from, applicable hands-on knowledge.” Alice was recently hired for a paralegal position in Orange County.

Family Affair — William Dixon, JD Teaches Mother and Daughter

When Sarah Pollard enrolled in South Coast College in the Legal Administrative Assistant Program, little did she know that the instructor that she had for Contracts was the instructor that had taught her mother Torts when she had taken the course many years ago at Western State University College of Law. Her mother, Linda Pollard, Read More

Director of Paralegal Programs — Obtains Approval from State Bar of North Carolina

Congratulations to William Dixon, Director of the Legal Studies Program at South Coast College, for obtaining the approval from the State Bar of North Carolina to have the South Coast College Paralegal Program qualify for Certification of Paralegals in the State of North Carolina. Professor Dixon sent the application and supporting materials from the South Read More