Our Court Reporting Candidates Top the List

South Coast College in Orange once again, according to the Fall Newsletter published by the Court Reporters Board, produced 20 percent of all the licensed Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSRs) in the state (19).  The highlighted names are the graduates of South Coast College.  Additionally, the three in red are candidates who came to South Coast

South Coast College Graduates Fill Court Reporting Vacancies Nationwide

South Coast College located in Orange, CA,  is helping to fill some of the vacancies that are being created nationwide as many court reporters reach retirement age.  In the Orange County area, two graduates recently were hired — one in Orange County and one in Riverside County.  Another was hired for an officialship in North

Court Reporter Twins Start Agency

South Coast College court reporting students and graduates have great networking support from the number of alumni who are willing to help them get started in the great career of stenography.  The latest alumnae to create an agency for court and deposition reporters are the dynamic twins, Kamryn Valdez, CSR, and Whitney Valadez Kumar, CSR,


Students at South Coast College in Orange who are striving to pass high speeds were treated to a great transcription test tips seminar presented by Kristina Tan, Authorized Eclipse Trainer, and Rick Louie, Senior StenoCAT Trainer.  The seminar focused on tips for any CAT software. Kristina and Rick have graciously agreed to share their tips

Three Generations of Court Reporters

AT SOUTH COAST COLLEGE, it is common to find members of the same family becoming court reporters.  It is uncommon to find three generations of court reporters from one family.  Paul Pay, CSR, who recently graduated from South Coast College and  passed the California Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination is the third generation of reporters

SOUTH COAST COLLEGE One of the Top 10 Most Popular Court Reporting Programs

Thanks Isaiah Leslie of Regal Court Reporting for telling us that South Coast College has been named as one of the top 10 most popular Court Reporting Programs in a LiveDeposition article… 10 Popular Court Reporting Schools Time and time again, the court reporting profession has proven to be a lucrative and prosperous career path.

High-Tech Court Reporters Can Earn a Great Income

Thanks to our alumni who provide ongoing support and information to our students.  Cassandra Caldarella, CSR, graduate of South Coast College, provided a link to show how important it is for court reporters to take advantage of all the technology that is available today to make the court reporter invaluable to the justice system and

Seeking Experienced Court Reporters for Remote Work

Seeking Experienced Court Reporters for Remote Work Kathy DiLorenzoDirector, U.S. Court Reporting, Planet Depos LLC Planet Depos, a global court reporting agency based in Washington, D.C., is seeking experienced court reporters who are interested in covering remote legal proceedings, specifically trials and hearings. Minimum state and/or national certification required. The reporter is provided login credentials

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