Sue Terry, RPR, CRR, CLR, FAPR Demonstrates How Technologically Current Court Reporters Are

Author:  Rebecca Remsen, CSR, RPR, Court Reporting Instructor at South Coast College

  • Sue Terry, CSR, RPR, RMR, FAPC
    Rick Louie, Instructor, and Sue Terry, CSR, RPR, RMR, FAPC
  • A special thanks to Sue Terry, RPR, CRR,  CLR, FAPR, who took time out of her busy schedule to visit both the day and evening court reporting students at South Coast College.  Rick Louie, Senior Technical Support at Gigatron Software Corporation (StenoCAT), who is also an instructor at South Coast College, arranged the visit.

Ms. Terry said that court reporting has offered her some unique opportunities:

Worked at Camp David reporting President Obama for three weeks.

Worked on an environmental case that lasted for seven years during which she traveled extensively to various places with the attorneys.

Worked on cases involving everything from from pig farming testimony to nuclear power plant experts.

Worked on cases involving Enron, The Exxon Valdez, and drug cartel cases.

Advice to Students

Sue emphasized the importance of staying current with technology and utilizing it to make oneself stand out as a reporter.  Using a PowerPoint presentation, she showed examples of how technology has changed over the years.  With Rick Louie’s help, she demonstrated how Realtime can be viewed by anyone anywhere using the output on a phone, tablet, or so on.  She illustrated this by showing how to log on to a site, such as  The reporter provides an ID number and a password to the client who can then access the proceedings.

She encouraged students to prepare for technology by reading computer magazines, exploring advanced search options on Google and other search engines, and familiarizing themselves with different apps such as the following: Pocket Justice:  Supreme Court hearings; JotNot Pro:  scanner for captions and exhibits;  technological Ebooks for instruction in using iPhones, drop boxes, laptop buying guides, and so on.

Technology is what keeps the field of court reporting alive, according to Ms. Terry.  Technology allows court reporters to branch our beyond the legal field.  She suggests that reporters should venture out into those areas and think of new areas that can also benefit from court reporters.

Students can link to Ms. Terry’s Facebook post by clinking on the link below:

Watch a South Coast College event at the following:

Youtube Video:

Technologically Current Court Reporters Presentation With Ms. Terry
Ms. Terry was warmly received by the South Coast College students. They wouldn’t let her leave.

Biography of Sue Terry, RPR, CRR, CLR, FAPR

Registered Professional Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter and Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters.

Currently serving as Director of the National Court Reporters Association, as well as Board liaison to the TRAIN and Technology Review Committee of the National Court Reporters Association.

Recipient of the Ohio Court Reporters Association Martin Fincun and Glen Stiles Awards for Distinguished Service, and the StenoCat Users Group Distinguished Service Award.

Served as President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association and the Stenocat Users Group.  Began the BRATS program (Bringing Realtime Around the State) that has successfully mentored many reporters and judges throughout Ohio in the use of realtime litigation support software.

Served as faculty for training seminars at the Ohio Judicial College of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Served on the LiveNote Advisory Board and the Clark State College of Court Reporting Advisory Board.

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