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Court Reporting Program

Professional Organization Representatives

Bob Sullivan, CSR, Alumnus, Director, California Court Reporters Association (CCRA).

Diane Whitesel, CSR, Alumna, President, Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association (LACCRA)

Cheryl Haab, CSR, President-Elect, Deposition Reporters Association (DRA)

Andrea Rinker-Chavez, CSR, Alumna, District IV Director, Deposition Reporters Association (DRA)


Agency Owner/ Agency Representatives

Stephanie Leslie, CSR, Alumna, Co-owner of Regal Court Reporting

Kamryn Villegas, CSR, Alumna, Co-owner of Kamryn Whitney Court Reporting

Pamela Morgan, CSR, Alumna, General Manager, The Sullivan Group of Court Reporters

Amber Felis, Alumna, Representative, Veritext

Debbie Freeman, CSR, Alumna, Regional Case Manager, Esquire

Darcy Sparrell, Quality Control and Transcript Processing, Jonnell Agnew and Associates

Lisa Trow, Alumna, Lisa Trow Scoping Services

Court/Deposition Reporters and CART Reporters

Mike Chiaravalloti, CSR, Alumnus, Managing Reporter for Orange County Superior Court

Neal Tanoue, CSR, Alumnus, Newly appointed LA Official Court Reporter

Bianca Torres, CSR, Alumna, Newly appointed LA Official Court Reporter

Cassandra Caldarella, CSR, Alumna, Court Reporter,Author of the Lifehacker Article About Court   Reporting

Suzy Onuki, CSR, Alumna, Court Reporter

Mary Kelly, CSR, Alumna, Court Reporter

Olivia Lee, CSR, Alumna, Deposition Reporter

Katy Magner, CSR, Alumna, Deposition Reporter

Jaclyn Kinsbursky, CSR, Alumna, Deposition Reporter

Kyung Lee-Green, CSR, Alumna, Deposition Reporter

Jenn Porto, CSR, CART Provider, Deposition Reporter

Advisory Board Members

Mikey McMorran, CSR, Deposition Reporter/Guardians of the Record Facebook

Christine Mantyla, Paralegal, Alumna, Law Offices of Mark Peacock

Wendy Sobel, CSR, Court Reporter /former agency owner

Paralegal Program

Mark Peacock, Esquire, Law Offices of Mark Peacock

Christine Mantyla, Paralegal, Alumna, Law Offices of Mark Peacock

Kari Moore, Paralegal, Alumna, Beling & Associates

Brandee Benson, Legal Administrative Assistant, Alumna, Beling & Associates

Rachel Siciliani, Paralegal, Alumna, Tressler, LLP

William Singleton, Paralegal, Alumnus, Orange County Retirement System

Medical Assistant

Sasha Gruwell, Nurse, Kaiser Permanente

Jonathan Rodriquez, Medical Assistant, Alumnus, Gastrointestinal and Liver Consultants

Group Fitness Provider

UFC Gym Garden Grove


Advantage Software (Eclipse Software and Passport Touch Writer)

ProCAT (ProCAT Court Reporting Software and Impression Writer)

Stenograph Corporation (CaseCatalyst Court Reporting/Captioning Software and Luminex and

Wave Writers)

Group Fitness

UFC Gym Garden Grove

Raffle Prizes

A rolling machine case for a steno machine donated by the Steno Doctor.

Gift certificate to Francoli Gourmet.



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