Family Affair — Twins, Kamryn Valadez Villegas, CSR, and Whitney Valadez Kumar, CSR

As is often the case at South Coast College, one family enrolls and then shortly after, another family member.  Such was the case with Whitney Valadez and her twin sister, Kamryn.

Whitney Valadez and Kamryn Valadez

Kamryn  Valadez Villegas, CSR, and Whitney Valadez Kumar, CSR

Today, they are both  Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSRs) who continue to confuse attorneys and judges as they did their instructors at South Coast College.  Whitney is the reporter who works in court.  Kamryn is a deposition reporter.  They are one of three sets of twins who have become CSRs after graduating from the Court Reporting Program at South Coast College.

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President Jean Gonzalez - Nominated in OC Business Journal's


Our president, teacher and friend, Jean Gonzalez, was nominated for the
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