Professional Alumni Share Their Success Stories

The Pack the School Event at South Coast College brought together amazing South Coast College alumni from the areas of medical, legal, and court reporting/CART providing.  It is certainly gratifying to South Coast College to see how successful and professional its alumni are.  Many are entrepreneurs who started their own businesses after graduating from South Read More

South Coast College Alumni — Strong, Supportive, Loyal

Very few schools are lucky enough to have the strong, supportive, loyal alumni that South Coast College in Orange, CA, has.  New reporters and CART providers are fortunate because they have mentors who are ready to step them through the process of entering the world of court and deposition reporting and CART providing.  One new Read More

RMAs Striving for Excellence

SOUTH COAST COLLEGE MEDICAL ASSISTANTS are striving for excellence.  The following list of medical assistants have obtained the designation of Registered Medical Assistant (RMA).  The list that is growing day by day consists of the following: Joselyn Alvarez, RMA Alisa Calderon, RMA Emily Bagley, RMA Diane Bogle, RMA Sheryl Bookman, RMA David Chow, RMA Alexandra Gonzalez Read More